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Volunteers wave magic wand over garden

Thursday 28 September, 2017.

Built within the John Hunter Children’s Hospital, the magical grounds of the Fairy Garden provide a welcome escape for young patients and families dealing with the stress of hospitalisation and illness. 

Last week, the Fairy Garden became the patient as Newcastle Permanent staff members joined forces with hospital volunteers to help breathe new life into the garden. Members of the hospital volunteer group spoke very highly of the enthusiasm, dedication and hard work our volunteers displayed on the day. 

"They were simply awesome; they worked very hard and made a big difference to the garden. . . not all volunteers are as keen or proactive as the Perm’s staff." – Kerry.

"The volunteers today were amazing; they had such a great attitude and enthusiasm. They worked extremely hard and our Fairy Garden looks amazing!" – Kiera.

As part of our CommunityAssist program, every staff member receives two days a year that they can use to volunteer for their favourite charity. We are delighted our staff has made such a valuable contribute to this treasured garden, which brings such joy to young patients and families.  

For more information about our staff volunteering program visit our website, here. 

A female volunteer working in the Fairy Garden
Fiona Wood putting her green thumbs to work.

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