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Our Introducer Program is an easy way to help raise a lot of money for your organisation.

Fair Go Fundraising – no raffles required! 

Whether you need new facilities, equipment, funding for events or educational needs, our Introducer Program helps you get there by rewarding you for supporting us. 

How it works 

For every eligible new home or business loan (over $100,000) you refer to us, we will give your organisation a referral fee of $600. During the loan application process, the borrower just needs to mention they were referred to us by your organisation. It’s that simple.

We know that fundraising can be tough! So if you are looking for an easy and effective way to raise money that doesn’t involve selling raffle tickets, cooking BBQs or organizing events,  talk to us! You only need 10 people to take out a new loan with us and your organisation will receive $6,000! How easy is that?

What’s involved

  1. Contact us on 13 19 87 and ask about our Introducer Program
  2. Have the appropriate person in your organisations sign our Introducer Program Agreement and return it to us.
  3. Once your organisation is signed up, tell as many people as you can about the program. Don’t forget to tell them to mention your organisation’s name when applying for a loan with us. We will help you with this bit by supplying words for your website, ads for your newsletter and even a poster if you would like one. We can also come to your committee meetings to provide a presentation, helping explain the Introducer Program to more people if you need us to.
  4. Once the eligible loan has been processed at our end, we will donate $600 to your organisation, either by cheque or as a direct credit into your organisation’s account.
  5. Watch your fundraising balance increase every month.
  6. Start spending the extra funds on the things your organisation needs the most.
  7. Tell more people about this great program to continue to raise more funds!
Community - introducer program

Let’s get started

Give us a call on 13 19 87 to arrange for a Newcastle Permanent representative to come out and meet with members of your organisation for an information session.

They will be able to answer any questions regarding our Introducer Program and our highly competitive lending products.

No raffles required!

Find out how you could get $600 for your organisation.

We support the good stuff in our community by helping provide..

For every eligible new home or business loan (over $100,000) you introduce to us. Terms, Conditions, Fees and Charges apply.