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2017/18 saw important community projects and initiatives supported in the Mid North Coast region with funding totaling more than $185,425

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  • HMRI Hunter Medical Research Institute
  • Diabetes NSW & ACT Diabetes NSW and ACT
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2017 recipient Cystic Fibrosis NSW

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On the important community projects and initiatives that we are supporting across regional NSW


Young people and adults who have cystic fibrosis and the parents of young people with cystic fibrosis are more at risk of depression and anxiety and because of that that makes it more difficult for them to then manage their treatment.

If they're not managing their treatment, then they're going to get sicker and they're going to be in hospital more often and they're going to need more antibiotics and treatment and that means a downward spiral.


The Foundation provided $96,000 for a two part project; the first part was for a medic nebulizer and replacement project; the second part was for a structured exercise program for up to 40 people to learn exercise physiology habits and programs, engage in a healthy lifestyle, which really leads to improved life outcomes for people with cystic fibrosis.

For the Foundation, it's an extremely proud moment to see one of our programs that we've supported in action; it's really special for us.


Without someone like the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation this would just not be possible and people like Lizzie would not be going ahead in leaps and bounds as she is now.


We don't understand that maybe she can't breathe that well or she's going to run out of air or she's going to start coughing, so because we can do this with someone that actually knows her condition it means that she doesn't feel embarrassed if she has to cough or they're sort of very aware of what she can and can't do.


Basically, today involves 30-second intervals with 30-second rest and three lots of each of the exercises; they're big compound exercises and basically pushing it to her limit for those 30 seconds and then we're monitoring her oxygen afterwards, so it's in a safe environment but we definitely push them to their limits.


It's definitely helped me more I feel like I don't get tired as easy, like I can run further now and I feel a bit more energetic, got a lot stronger and it makes me feel better.
At the start it was a lot harder to exercise but as I've been coming in, trying some stuff, improving, and now I'm starting to do harder stuff.

It's never been really easy but they're always pushing me the right amount. 


If we can add exercise into their life, we can address that anxiety and depression and that means that they'll be able to manage their treatment and that means that they will stay well longer and they'll be out of hospital and they'll have better quality of life.

Mid North Coast Beneficiaries 2017/18

Each year the Foundation provides over $1.5 million in grants to eligible charities and community organisations for projects, initiatives and programs which meet our funding criteria and address important community issues that the Foundation has identified as key focus areas.

Charitable Foundation Beneficiaries Logo

Program support vehicle

Region - Hunter, Mid North Coast, New England

This $47,000 grant will enable the purchase of a large multipurpose van to be used by volunteers who deliver Camp Quality programs in Northern NSW and directly supporting 550 young people impacted by cancer. The purchase of this van means Camp Quality can save thousands of dollars each year as it will not have car hire costs nor need to reimburse volunteers for the use of private vehicles.

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation has previously provided $187,500 in funding and $3,000 from the Chairman's Medal to Camp Quality for projects.

Charitable Foundation Beneficiaries Logo

Transforming Transport to Treatment

Region - Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Central West, New England

This $154,000 grant will enable Cancer Council NSW’s Transport to Treatment program to become an online booking platform for transport to cancer treatment. The online system will transform the 28 existing independent services into one convenient online booking system. Along with future expansion of the vehicle fleet, the aim of this project is to enable access to free transport for anyone needing transport for cancer treatment.

Cancer Council NSW has previously received $270,000 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

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NICview expansion

Region - Hunter, Mid North Coast, New England

The NICVIEW camera connects remote families with their newborns while in the care of Northern NSW’s only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at John Hunter Hospital—which provides care for up to 1,200 babies each year from across NSW, including some of our most rural and remote regions. This $53,000 project includes installation of specialised web cameras on each of NICU’s 12 new beds with a live-feed accessible by baby’s family through a secure, password protected connection to any computer, tablet, phone or similar device. NICVIEW means that family, often separated due to work, school or care commitments, can connect and bond with the newest member of the family, no matter how far away they may be.

John Hunter Children’s Hospital Kids Club has previously received $269,000 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

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Shelter Cover for Riders, Carers, Volunteers and Supporters

Region - Mid North Coast

This $30,000 grant will be used by Riding for Disabled to fund the construction of an all-weather shelter (cover) over the mounting ramp, the installation of covered seating for spectators, and the construction of concrete paths to enable wheelchair access and participation from people who are in wheelchairs.

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation has previously provided $257,000 in NSW and $86,00 in the Manning for funding Riding for the Disabled projects.

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2018/19 Wheelchair Sports NSW Member Grant Program – Northern Region

Region - Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Central West, New England

Wheelchair Sports NSW provides a range of programs and financial support for people with physical disabilities to participate in sport. This $33,000 grant will provide up to 100 Wheelchair Sports members access to funding to support their sport participation, be they at beginner level or an experienced athlete. The goal is to encourage and financially support those with a physical disability remain active in their community and maintain good mental wellbeing.

Wheelchair Sports NSW has previously received $30,460 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.