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2016/17 saw important community projects and initiatives supported in the Hunter region with funding totaling more than $340,000

2014 Hunter recipients Harry’s House Mobile Retreat.

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Next funding round closes 16 October 2017.

2016/17 Hunter Beneficiaries

Each year the Foundation provides over $1.6 million in grants to eligible charities and community organisations for projects, initiatives and programs which meet our funding criteria and address important community issues that the Foundation has identified as key focus areas.

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Young Bloods Program

Region - Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Central West, New England

The Leukaemia Foundation has developed the ‘Young Bloods’ program aimed at providing professional support to address issues faced and enable young people to develop the resilience to stay, or get back, on track to enjoy life as they are meant to. Young Bloods is designed to meet the physical, psychological and educational impact of blood cancer on children and young adults who have been diagnosed with a blood cancer or who have close family members who have been diagnosed with a blood cancer. Young Bloods provides support in the form of financial grants paid to families for physical, psychosocial and educational support that is considered appropriate by their personal medical specialists. 

The Foundation will provide $65,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation to launch the Young Bloods program in the Foundations operating area in regional NSW including directly supporting up to 70 young people with, or recovering from, a serious cancer diagnosis.

Wigs for Kids

Region - Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Central West, New England

Variety – the Children’s Charity, among its many amazing programs for sick and disadvantaged children, provides wigs to kids who have lost their hair due to Alopecia or another medical condition such as cancer. Losing your hair can have profound psychological effects, particularly through childhood and adolescence. One specialised can wig cost up to $5,000 and lasts two to three years so the cost is prohibitive for many families.  

The Foundation’s grant of $74,800 will help Variety launch the Wigs 4 Kids in regional NSW to provide wigs to children whose families are unable to afford the service themselves.

Therapy room: Resource & Equipment Upgrade

Region - Hunter

Early Links is a not-for-profit early childhood early intervention service that delivers a family centred inclusive program to children with developmental delays and disabilities in the Hunter Valley, including some of our regions most disadvantaged communities where paying for high quality, privately delivered therapy is just not an option. 

The Foundation will provide $26,000 to expand and upgrade the indoor and outdoor therapy spaces at Early Links’ East Maitland and Muswellbrook facilities with specialist new resources and equipment, providing access to services for children.

NICU Family Room Volunteer Program - John Hunter Children's Hospital

Region - Hunter

Red Gum House operates Ronald McDonald House Programs in Northern NSW, including Ronald McDonald House in Newcastle and Tamworth and the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at John Hunter Children’s Hospital and Gosford Hospital. The Foundation’s grant of $11,000 will provide for a volunteer recruitment and training program complete to develop personnel to staff the new Family room at John Hunter Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 

The volunteers will be responsible for providing families with babies in the NICU with a relaxed, supportive environment to take a break from the stress of the often unplanned NICU experience..

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Community Support Vehicle

Region - Hunter

Sugarvalley Neighbourhood Centre provides a safe, supportive environment as well as a range of services and resources to improve the lives and create a sense of belonging and empowerment for members of the West Wallsend community.  

The Foundation will provide $41,000 to provide a new seven seater vehicle for Sugarvalley Neighbourhood access to essential services for disadvantaged residents and provide vital community connections. 

It is expected that the service would transport at least 30 people each week to essential appointments and a further 40 families assisted with the delivery of food, clothing and hygiene packs meaning the vehicle would be responsible for over 5000 direct engagements with disadvantaged and marginalised people each year.

Outdoor play space for Jenny's Place

Region - Hunter

Out(fit), is a community engagement initiative auspiced by the University of Newcastle. Formed by a group of women in the built environment profession and headed by head of UoN’s School of Architecture and Built Environment Professor Sue Anne Ware, Out(fit) members volunteer their time and skills and use their professional networks to deliver worthy community projects.  

The Foundation will provide $13,200 for Out(fit) to revitalise and refurbish the outdoor area at Jenny’s Place, which provides crisis accommodation and support through information, referral and advocacy for women and children escaping domestic violence, are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Preventative Health Education for Disadvantaged Children

Region - Hunter

Life Education NSW is the largest not-for-profit provider of preventative drug and health education in Australian schools. The Foundation will provide $77,000 to purchase a new truck to tow the five Mobile Learning Centres which bring the Life Education program to more than 146 schools with over 32,000 children throughout the Hunter and Centre Coast regions each year. 

The truck will help to ensure the future of the Life Education organisation in this area as they can deliver the mobile classroom to local schools safely and efficiently for many years to come.

Northern Region Track and Road Athletics Program

Region - Hunter

Wheelchair Sports NSW works to enrich the lives of people with a physical disability through participation in sport by providing a range of quality sporting programs and opportunities for all ages and stages. 

The Foundation will help Wheelchair Sports NSW with a grant for $30,460 to purchase four specialised racing wheelchairs for the Northern Region Track and Road Athletics Program as well as venue hire for a year, to increase the options for sporting participation in the region and preventing the need for wheelchair athletes from Newcastle and the Northern Region of NSW to travel to Sydney to access facilities, coaching and training. 

Participants will also benefit from the knowledge of local paralympians Kurt Fearnley, Rheed McCracken and Christie Dawes who will provide coaching and mentoring to the regional athletes.

One Less Worry: The Equipment Commitment to Families Project

Region - Hunter

The Nicholas Butters Trust is another inspiring organisation with which the Foundation has a long and proud history of supporting. Established by the Butters Family after her son Nicholas lost his battle with cancer at a young age, the Trust advocates for and supports paediatric palliative care facilities and services for terminally ill children and their families in the Hunter, Mid North Coast and New England regions. 

The Foundation will provide $77,000 to establish an equipment loan pool for paediatric palliative care equipment services, to meet a significant gap in resources for children with palliative conditions, providing choice to families who choose to care for a child at an end of life or life limiting stage at home or otherwise out of hospital. 

The service is expected to impact up to 400 children each year, as well as their carers, families and friends, through the hardest experience most will encounter in their lives

NICVIEW Project - Installation of NICU web cams

Region - Hunter

John Hunter Children's Hospital Kids Club, as part of the United Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW, raises vital funds solely for the John Hunter Children's Hospital. 

With a grant of $186,428, the Kids Club will implement Australia’s first ever NICVIEW system which will connect remote families with their newborns while in the care of Northern NSW’s only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which provides care for up to 1200 babies each year from across NSW, including some of our most rural and remote regions. 

The NICVIEW project will include installation of specialised web cameras on each of the NICU’s 42 beds with a live-feed accessible by baby’s family through a secure, password protected connection to any computer, tablet, phone or similar device. NICVIEW means that family, often separated due to work, school or care commitments, can connect and bond with the newest member of the family, no matter how far away they may be

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StrokeSafe Ambassador Program

Region - Hunter

Stroke is one of Australia's biggest killers and a leading cause of disability. The National Stroke Foundation works with stroke survivors, carers, health professionals, government and the public to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community. They are dedicated solely to working on all aspects of the stroke journey.

Many Australians are unaware of their personal risk factors for diseases such as stroke. The StrokeSafe Ambassador program is designed to educate the general public about what stroke is, how to prevent stroke, how to recognise the early warning signs of stroke and what to do if someone has a stroke, as well as to raise public awareness of the National Stroke Foundation, their programs and resources.

Thanks to a $20,000 grant from the Charitable Foundation, the National Stroke Foundation has been able to deliver this program to community members in the Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and Central West regions of NSW.

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TSC Connect online platform

Region - Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Central West, New England, Northern Rivers

Established in 1970, The Shepherd Centre (TSC) was the first early intervention agency in Australia to teach Auditory-Oral Therapy to hearing impaired children. Since establishment, TSC has assisted nearly 2000 children who are deaf or hearing impaired to improve their quality of life.

The Charitable Foundation has provided a $106,700 grant to help build an online interactive portal for families in regional areas. The program will be deliverable on any internet connected device (computer, tablet, phone) and is designed to deliver virtual therapy solutions in a customised manner for each child and family, supporting and upskilling the parents so they can support their children in the most efficient way possible.

For more information on the important work of this community organisation please visit shepherdcentre.org.au

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Port Stephens SES ‘Storm Emergency Training Tower’

Region - Hunter

NSW SES is a volunteer-based emergency and rescue service dedicated to assisting the community.

One of the major responsibilities of the NSW SES is to ensure that its volunteers are appropriately trained and operationally prepared for major storm events. The Charitable Foundation has provided a $21,000 grant to assist in building a training tower at the Port Stephens SES centre in Raymond Terrace.

The training tower will enable volunteers to be trained in working at heigths, walking on different roofing structures, repairing windows, removing and replacing tiles, screwing down galvanised iron, tarping rooves, self-rescue from height and propping fallen beams.

For more information on the important work of this community organisation please visit ses.nsw.gov.au

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Autoimmune Community Education Project

Region - Hunter

Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre (ARRC) was founded in 1989 to provide a range of services including education and support to people living with lupus, scleroderma, Raynaud’s and Sjögrens syndrome.

ARRC have received a $48,700 grant to continue delivery of the Autoimmune Community Education Project (ACEP) in regional NSW. The program will deliver 13 community workshops that draw awareness to the common but misunderstood auto immune diseases, including lupus, scleroderma, Sjögrens and Raynaud’s syndrome and also introduce symptom self-management for people living with chronic autoimmune disease in the community.

For more information on the important work of this community organisation please visit autoimmune.org.au

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Early Intervention Equipment

Region - Hunter

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has been providing services and support to people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities for over 70 years, assisting around 4000 babies, children and adults in NSW/ACT each year.

The Charitable Foundation has provided a $66,300 grant to purchase new equipment which will form an integral part of their Early Intervention Program. Funding has enabled the organisation to purchase one whizzy bug and 2 baby treadmills for each of the centres based at Tuggerah, Croudace Bay and East Maitland.

Whizzy bugs are a fun, innovative and age appropriate powered wheelchair designed specifically for children under 5. This unique mobility aid enables children to experience a newfound freedom of movement, gain increased confidence and, being at eye level, allows them to more readily interact with their peers.

Baby treadmills are a ground breaking new treatment that can improve the quality of walking, improve gross motor function and reduce the age of independent walking in infants with mild to moderate cerebral palsy.

For more information on the important work of this community organisation please visit cerebralpalsy.org.au/

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Equipment Upgrade Project

Region - Hunter

Sailability NSW is a not-for-profit volunteer-based organisation which, through the activity of sailing, enriches the lives of people with any type of disability, the elderly, and the financially and socially disadvantaged.

The Charitable Foundation has provided a $34,500 grant to purchase a specially designed yacht for Sailability Toronto which utilises a joystick to control the steering and sails. The yacht can therefore be utilised by people who cannot operate the sails of existing yachts due to an amputation or inability to grip or a lack of control and strength in their arms and shoulders.

In addition the grant enabled Sailability Great Lakes to purchase 2 dinghies to enable the club to continue running their sailing program.

For more information on the important work of this community organisation please visit sailabilitynsw.org