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2018 saw important community projects and initiatives supported in the Hunter region with funding totalling $469,000.

Recently supported projects in the Hunter

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2017 Hunter recipient Sailability

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On the important community projects and initiatives that we are supporting across regional NSW


The Foundation has been very generous in giving us the grant for this particular boat.

It's enabled us to purchase a second servo-assist boat, which are more expensive than the ordinary 303s.

It gives Toronto Sailability the capacity to put people with more severe disabilities out on the water and enjoying sailing.


We've had a long history with Sailability, which goes back to 2005.

And one of the things that's always stood out to us is that they are driven by volunteers.

And there's nothing better than support organisations that have got so much energy, so much passion for what they do, to assist people with a disability.

And Sailability does all of those things.

Hunter Beneficiaries 2018

Each year the Foundation provides over $1.5 million in grants to eligible charities and community organisations for projects, initiatives and programs which meet our funding criteria and address important community issues that the Foundation has identified as key focus areas.

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Program support vehicle

Region - Hunter, Mid North Coast, New England

This $47,000 grant will enable the purchase of a large multipurpose van to be used by volunteers who deliver Camp Quality programs in Northern NSW and directly supporting 550 young people impacted by cancer. The purchase of this van means Camp Quality can save thousands of dollars each year as it will not have car hire costs nor need to reimburse volunteers for the use of private vehicles.

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation has previously provided $187,500 in funding and $3,000 from the Chairman's Medal to Camp Quality for projects.

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Transforming Transport to Treatment

Region - Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Central West, New England

This $154,000 grant will enable Cancer Council NSW’s Transport to Treatment program to become an online booking platform for transport to cancer treatment. The online system will transform the 28 existing independent services into one convenient online booking system. Along with future expansion of the vehicle fleet, the aim of this project is to enable access to free transport for anyone needing transport for cancer treatment.

Cancer Council NSW has previously received $270,000 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

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The Port Stephens Youth Centre (Tomaree Peninsula)

Region - Hunter

The $53,000 grant will be used to fit out a dedicated space at Salamander Library to deliver a free community-based mental health and counselling service aimed at youth in Port Stephens.
The service will offer psychology and counselling services, on a bulk billed basis, in an inviting, youth-focussed setting to reduce the clinical nature of the environment to remove barriers of stigma for clients. Service hours will be structured to be appropriate for high school students.

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Wheels for Hope Social Enterprise

Region - Hunter

Centre for Hope will use this grant to establish a new Port Stephens chapter of Wheels for Hope—a program for marginalised young people to refurbish bikes and skateboards and donate them to disadvantaged local children/families. This $40,000 program teaches 15-18 year olds transferrable skills including mechanical, entrepreneurial, and business providing participants greater education and employment opportunities. This is an extension of the successful launches of this program in Windale, Kurri Kurri, and Raymond Terrace.

Centre for Hope has previously received $50,500 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

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Magic Carpets - Technology for Therapy

Region - Hunter, Central West, Mid-North Coast

Imagine if a child with limited movement and muscle function could play unhindered with their friends, commanding a virtual magic carpet with the blink of an eye, a simple hand gesture or a soft touch. 

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation is making fairy tales a reality for more than 900 children throughout Cerebral Palsy Alliance centres in Newcastle, Dubbo, Port Macquarie and Orange with a $71,000 grant to the purchase two Mobile Magic Carpet projection machines. 

The projection of images onto the floor and wall allows children in a wheelchair or Wizzy Bug, to participate in play and unlock the fun of sensory learning. This revolutionary technology will be used extensively in occupational therapy sessions to improve gross motor skills and speech, and ultimately help children living with Cerebral Palsy to gain a sense of control, boost self-esteem, and enhance wellbeing.

For more information on the important work of this community organisation please visit cerebralpalsy.org.au.

GROW A Star Scholarship Program

Region - Central West, Mid-North Coast, Hunter

Compass Housing Services provides scholarships to talented young people from disadvantaged communities to help them pursue their interests and realise their academic, sporting or artistic goals through the GROW a Star program.

The $55,000 grant will assist with the expansion of the GROW a Star program with 25 scholarships to be delivered to young people in Compass’s Dubbo, Taree, Cessnock and Singleton communities.

The scholarships help to build self-esteem and improve school and education retention for children growing up in low-socioeconomic communities, ensuring they have happy, healthy and prosperous futures.

Hunter womens centre logo

Group Therapy for Historical Childhood Sexual Abuse

Region - Hunter

Hunter Women’s Centre provides counselling and therapeutic services to marginalised and disadvantaged women. Having identified a gap in clinical therapeutic programs for survivors of childhood sexual assault, the Centre has developed a pilot group therapy program for women on the current waitlist for counselling, along with other childhood sexual assault survivors within the community.  

This $22,000 grant will be used to fund the pilot program and also fund the development of a therapeutic framework for counsellors providing individual counselling to women who are not ready to enter into a group setting, and support current clients who have engaged with the Centre for other issues, providing a referral pathway for women contacting other services in the sector.

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NICview expansion

Region - Hunter, Mid North Coast, New England

The NICVIEW camera connects remote families with their newborns while in the care of Northern NSW’s only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at John Hunter Hospital—which provides care for up to 1,200 babies each year from across NSW, including some of our most rural and remote regions. This $53,000 project includes installation of specialised web cameras on each of NICU’s 12 new beds with a live-feed accessible by baby’s family through a secure, password protected connection to any computer, tablet, phone or similar device. NICVIEW means that family, often separated due to work, school or care commitments, can connect and bond with the newest member of the family, no matter how far away they may be.

John Hunter Children’s Hospital Kids Club has previously received $269,000 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

Kids foundation logo

SeeMore Safety Program

Region - All regions

The KIDS Foundation aims to address the leading causes of injury, death or disability in Australian children - domestic violence and child safety issues. 

This $98,000 grant will allow KIDS Foundation to deliver its SeeMore child safety and wellbeing education program for children aged 4-6 within 650 child care centres and pre-schools throughout rural and regional NSW.

These children are statistically at higher risk of dying from injuries than their counterparts in metropolitan NSW. Thanks to the Charitable Foundation, the program will reach 23,000 children and focus on learning through literature, play and real-life experiences and addresses the role of educators in supporting self-regulation development through reflective practice, strong relationships with children and families and development of support networks.

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Education & Career Development for Refugee & Migrant Youth

Region - Hunter

Mentor Support Network will identify 10 disadvantaged refugee and migrant young people requiring support with education and career development. With this $30,000 grant they will present these young people with a Scholarship to help cover education and career development assistance costs as well as provide them with mentoring and career coaching to give them the best possible pathway into a meaningful career in their new home country.

Mentor Support Network has previously received $77,000 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

Charitable Foundation Beneficiaries LogoOut(fit) - University of Newcastle outreach design truck

Region - All regions

This $123,000 grant will fund the design, engineering and construction of an outreach truck for Out(fit) to engage with, and improve the shared spaces within, disadvantaged communities. 

The truck will act as a ‘toolbox’ to work with communities to deliver exciting projects which improve social infrastructure in shared spaces including schoolyards, skate parks, playgrounds and neighbourhood centres in disadvantaged areas. 

It will also act as a mobile design space, teaching facility, exhibition space, meeting room, catering station, working bee headquarters or movie theatre, staffed by Out(fit)’s core team of volunteers and supported by volunteers to help communities reimagine and rethink their spaces to improve community pride and connection.

Procare Logo

Next Step Mental Health Program

Region - Hunter

This $113,300 grant will be used to incentivise up to three graduating psychiatrists each year to develop a locally-based practice in the Hunter region. Graduates will be mentored by Procare practitioners, given exposure to managing a local practice, and be provided with a stream of referrals from Procare enabling the graduate to quickly establish a local network and client base. At the end of the two-year pilot, it is expected this program will increase psychiatrist services in the region by 1,200 patients in the first year and has the potential to continually increase local service providers in the long-term. Additionally, the services will be offered as a bulk-billed and/or offered at a reasonable rate to patients.

Procare Mental Health Services has previously received $125,000 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

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Mobile BBQ project

Region - Hunter

This $30,300 grant will be used to purchase a portable BBQ trailer with a BBQ, cool room, and storage on board. The trailer will be used for community events in the West Wallsend and surrounding areas and will enable Sugarvalley Neighbourhood Advancement Group the opportunity to reach isolated people though local community events.

Sugarvalley Neighbourhood Advancement Group has previously received $41,300 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

kaden centre logo

Exercise studio extension including equipment

Region - Hunter

The Kaden Centre operates a dedicated exercise space to give patients undergoing cancer treatment access to exercise programs clinically proven to improve the likelihood of a patients’ survival and decrease the chance of their cancer recurring. The Centre’s clients are supported by staff trained in specialised exercise-for-cancer techniques, who develop targeted, individual and safe programs based on each client’s circumstances. 

This $63,000 Charitable Foundation grant will allow the Centre to refurbish and expand its Warabrook facility to cater for the rapidly growing demand for their services.

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2018/19 Wheelchair Sports NSW Member Grant Program – Northern Region

Region - Hunter, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers, Central West, New England

Wheelchair Sports NSW provides a range of programs and financial support for people with physical disabilities to participate in sport. This $33,000 grant will provide up to 100 Wheelchair Sports members access to funding to support their sport participation, be they at beginner level or an experienced athlete. The goal is to encourage and financially support those with a physical disability remain active in their community and maintain good mental wellbeing.

Wheelchair Sports NSW has previously received $30,460 in funding for projects from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.