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2018 saw important community projects and initiatives supported in the Central Coast region with funding totalling $223,250.

Helping rewrite the future with MMAD

Rhyme & Reason is a podcast created by Musicians Making a Difference (MMAD). The series cover stories from influential artists and explore the themes of grief, loss, mental illness, substance abuse and self-identity to help young people in the community relate to the storytellers experience.

Episodes feature a range of influential identities from the music industry, including pop singer E^ST, Insta-star Alli Simpson, hip hop artists Bliss N Eso, and Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan, each with a unique and incredibly personal story to share with young people who might be struggling.

A grant from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation in 2017, funded the recording of 16 episodes of the Rhyme & Reason podcast season 1.

The series was so successful in May 2019 the Charitable Foundation announced a new $50,000 grant to for the production of season 2 of Rhyme & Reason podcast and to create a MMAD app to host and share this amazing content.

MMAD has received 5 grants from the Charitable Foundation totaling nearly $240,000. These grants have funded four projects including a mobile stage, street-support group and social enterprise, the “Lounge Room” and the Rhyme & Reason podcast season 1 and 2.  

Rohan and Will from Musicians Making a Difference.
Rohan and Will from Musicians Making a Difference.

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