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Giving young people opportunity

Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW is an iconic organisation and an integral part of the social fabric of many regional communities.

PCYC NSW has been nurturing young people and helping them reach their potential for more than 80 years. As a collaboration between the police and local community, PCYC NSW’s main goal is to empower young people and help them become good citizens.

They provide opportunities for young people to develop their skills, character and leadership qualities.

In doing so they aim to reduce and prevent crime by, and against, young people. They achieve this by offering over 150 programs across numerous clubs
around the state – from sporting activities like boxing, gymnastics and archery, to drama and dancing.

These activities create a community that spans generations.

PCYC NSW was an inaugural funding partner of the Charitable Foundation in 2004. Since then we have collaborated on 23 projects across regional NSW that enable young people to develop and thrive. This partnership has flourished on a common goal of providing safe and supportive programs and environments to disadvantaged and marginalised youth who may otherwise lack a positive force in their life.

CEO of PCYC NSW, Dominic Teakle said “Each club is a safe and trusted place that resonates with the local community, and the Charitable Foundation has helped change the face of PCYC NSW in regional centres”.

From transport projects to sporting spaces and technology hubs where young people can find a safe place to gather and complete homework, from Port Stephens to Orange and Grafton, our partnership has delivered sustainable, community-centric infrastructure.

Together we have empowered young people and kept people safe for more than 17 years.

“If you can change the life of one young person, you can affect thousands more in the lifetime of that one person. The impact on the community, particularly regional communities, is profound,” said Dominic.


Police citizen youth clubs NSW is a not-for-profit organisation delivering a broad range of youth and community activities and support. We focus on empowering young people to be the best that they can be through personal development programs in partnership with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command. Offering over 15 Youth development programs and over 100 sport, educational, vocational, creative and recreational activities, our clubs are welcoming and accessible reflecting the community they serve by offering classes and programs to suite all ages and lifestyles.

Founded in 1937, and with more than 63 clubs and centres across the state, PCYC NSW is one of Australia’s leading youth organisations.