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Helping rewrite the future with Kaden Centre 

It was only a few weeks after Christmas with her family when Linda discovered an abnormal lump in her breast. Tests a short time later confirmed her worst fears and the mother of three was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer.

Three months later, she had undergone surgery and decided to start chemotherapy and radiation treatment due to the aggressive nature of the cancer. When her doctor told her about the Kaden Centre, a facility offering targeted exercise programs for people experiencing all stages of cancer, she knew it was something she wanted to be part of.

“Once I heard about the Kaden Centre and the medical evidence of how exercise can help with treatment and help reduce the reoccurrence rate, I got in touch and have been coming ever since,” Linda said.

“It’s an amazing establishment with dedicated staff that tailor the exercise programs according to every individual’s treatment and ability. Instead of looking too far into the future, it helps me focus on how I can influence the treatment I’m getting now by helping my cells generate a positive and healthy outcome.”

Established in 2018 by three-time cancer survivor, Suzanne Clark-Pitrolo, the Centre is helping hundreds of people stay fit and healthy throughout their cancer journey. “My own treatment left me so physically depleted that I couldn’t even get up out of a chair,” Suzanne said. “I began researching the benefits of exercise on cancer recovery, but couldn’t find any facilities that catered to my needs, so I decided to do something about it.”

The Centre has grown from just three clients to welcoming more than 200 appointments per week, made possible by a $63,000 grant from the Charitable Foundation, which was used to expand the floor space and purchase important specialised gym equipment.

Being able to control part of their recovery and regain some independence is an important sentiment echoed by many clients at the Kaden Centre, including Linda.

“I’ve achieved so many milestones and seen instant progress since coming here – not just physically, but also mentally. Seeing the results from the effort you put in and being part of such a supportive environment is really rewarding,” Linda said.

To capture the resilient nature of the clients that come through her doors, Suzanne chose the name Kaden for the Centre as it means fighter or warrior and the logo is the Greek symbol of strength.

“I’m so proud of the Centre and what our clients achieve here. The Charitable Foundation helped us to grow to where we are today. Without the grant, we would have had to start knocking people back,” Suzanne said. 

Kaden Centre
Helping rewrite the future with Kaden Centre.

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