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A $44,000 grant to Dubbo PCYC has enabled the youth organisation to purchase a much-needed new vehicle.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 

PCYC Dubbo Club Manager Mark Nuttall said the new vehicle, paid for with a  $44,000 grant from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, would help young people travel to and from activities at the club, including training for sports, drama and dance, and to competitions around the state. 

Mr Nuttall said he expected an increase in engagement with young people in the region and an increase in participation in the PCYC's programs.    

"This vehicle is very important to our club – it will be used every day and will transport around 50 people each week to and from safe and supervised activities, crime prevention programs, sports tournaments and outreach programs in geographically isolated communities," he said.

"The old PCYC Dubbo cars are more than 10 years old and neither have the capacity to carry a large group of people. They’ve been impacting on our club’s ability to engage local young people in activities and programs and we hope the new van will allow us and local police to deliver services and programs to even more young people in Dubbo."

Three children standing next to the Dubbo PCYC vehicle.

Video Transcript

PCYC Manager Mark Nuttall

"With the combination of the police and community, our main goal is to empower young people to make them good citizens. And in doing that we offer a range of activities, from boxing, gymnastics, archery, maybe 15 or 20 sports, we’ve now added drama and dance. 

"So in conjunction with the police, we work also, very hard, on developing skills that are going to help young kids keep out of trouble. We work with some youth at risk and they’re referred to us by schools and the police department etc. and they work very hard with those kids to make sure they become good citizens also."

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation Executive Officer Graham Batten

"Today we handed over the keys to a new vehicle for PCYC Dubbo, which will help officers from the Dubbo and Orana Local Youth Command really increase their outreach programs for at-risk and troubled youth in Dubbo, but also be able to provide a safe and reliable transport service back to the fantastic programs that PCYC Dubbo operates."

PCYC Manager Mark Nuttall

"This is a fantastic opportunity for us. We’ve been trying to figure out between ourselves, the committee and the police officers how we were going to refurbish our ageing fleet, as it was. The timing of this was just absolutely sensational. When we go away for competitions for boxers or gymnasts, or cheerleaders, were just going to look so professional when we actually get to the tournaments now. It’s just really great."

Dubbo PCYC Gymnastics Co-manager Trish Harland

"We’re excited to have the new van because we’ll be able to take all the gymnasts to competitions, so we’ll be able to all hop in the one van and off we’ll go. We’ll take them all around the state and hopefully bring home some medals."

PCYC Manager Mark Nuttall

"Already the reaction from the gymnasts is, 'oh I can’t wait to go in the next comp, we’re bagsing (about 02:05) driving in that'. It already has such a positive feel to it, it’s just going to be sensational."

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