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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Young people in Grafton will now be able to more easily attend the newly established PCYC facility and access technology and recreation spaces and programs, with a Technology and Recreation Hub officially opening today and the Club taking ownership of a new 12-seater vehicle.

“Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation has a proud 17-year long relationship with PCYC, during which time we’ve donated over three quarters of a million dollars in funding to support PCYC’s projects, initiatives and infrastructure so the organisation can in turn support young people across its clubs located across our footprint,” said Graham Batten, Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation Executive Officer.

“The Grafton Youth Technology & Recreation Hub will allow local youth to access technology in a safe and supervised environment, improving their computer knowledge, technical, social and study skills while giving them access to equipment that most do not have at home.”

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation said the funding extended to the installation of three brand new HP computers, two MacBooks, four iPads, two Xbox, a television, a sound system, desks and chairs, lounges and game equipment.

“We’ve invested in this new facility and in ensuring youth can access it because the opportunities it can provide them are extensive. It’s already planned that in 2021, it will be used for coding workshops, Police programs, music production, graphic design activities, entertainment, homework, mentoring, job access, games and social activities,” said Graham.

Valued at $60,000, the new vehicle will be used to help youth, particularly those living in South Grafton and other outlying areas, to access the PCYC, its programs and activities.

Opening the Technology and Recreation Hub today, PCYC CEO Dominic Teakle applauded Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation’s continued partnership, saying the new 12 seater vehicle will make sure young people can get to and from the facility.

“The Technology & Recreation Hub is truly state of the art and will provide a safe, equipped space for learning and relaxing, allowing young people from Grafton and beyond to grow and develop in ways they would likely not be able to without access to this facility and the technology we have here,” said Dominic Teakle, PCYC CEO.

“The tangible benefit is to that one young person. If we change or impact that one person’s life, then the effect on that community is profound.”

Local youth, many of those who don’t have home access to computers, training and state of the art technology, have put the new Technology & Recreation Hub through its paces and the new vehicle means they won’t miss out because they can’t find transport.

“We’re a safe place and a known place and people know that when they come here they’re going to have a good time and be able to participate in programs and activities that do change lives,” said Dominic.

People standing next to bus
Dylan, Carly Bush, Ryan, Graham Batten.

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