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Workshops in Central West equip attendees with tools for mental wellbeing and safety

9 October, 2018.

During September and October Lifeline Central West and Country Women’s Association are hosting practical conversations and workshops about mental wellbeing, financial abuse, and suicide prevention.

The conversations, being held in the NSW Central West aim to raise awareness, build resilience, reduce stigma, and equip people to respond in a way that promotes wellbeing and safety for now and future generations.

Stephanie Robinson, Lifeline Central West CEO, said that one of the things about living in a rural community is the sense of belonging and pulling together during times of adversity.
“This connection means that during tough times we are all impacted,” Stephanie said.

“The current adversity due to the drought means we need to be more vigilant. We need to look out for one another. Rates of domestic and family violence, financial distress, and an unacceptable rate of rural suicide, particularly amongst our rural men need to be addressed.

“Everyone faces challenges throughout their lifetime. We know that both men and women face complex issues of their own, however the way in which they deal with them are very different. Understanding these differences can play a key role in positive outcomes.

“This is why the partnership with Country Women’s Association is so important because women, despite their own burden around mental illness, family, and relationship issues, often when asked about their main concern reply they are concerned about the mental wellbeing of the men in their life—be it husband, partner, brother, or son,” Stephanie said.

Charitable Foundation Chair, Phil Neat, said that adversity such as drought could exacerbate the issues that lead to poor mental health, family violence, and suicide.

“Though these social issues won’t be instantly fixed when the drought breaks, this program will equip attendees with practical skills not only for the present but also in the future to build stronger, more resilient regional communities,” Phil said.

The workshops, which will be delivered across the region by Lifeline Central West trainers, will give practical help, resources, and tools for communicating with men who may be in distress and potentially at risk of suicide.

Topics will include the recognising, responding, and referring to domestic violence; crisis and mental illness including stress, depression, anxiety, and suicide; financial abuse; building resilience; and strategies for self-care.

Workshop dates and locations:

  • Bathurst, September 5 at CWA Hall, 172 Russell Street, Time: 9am-1pm
  • Lithgow, September 6 at Vale Hall, 9 Mort Street. Time: 9am-1pm
  • Blayney, September 12 at The Chambers Community Centre, 41 Church Street. Time: 9am-1pm
  • Orange, September 13 at CWA Hall, Robertson park, Byng Street. Time: 9am-1pm
  • Mudgee, September 26 at CWA Rooms, 48 Market Street. Time: 1-5pm
  • Gulgong, September 27, CWA Rooms, corner Herbert and Bayly streets. Time: 9am-1pm
  • Dubbo, October 3, Western Plains Cultural Centre, 76 Wingewarra Street, Time: 1-5pm
  • Wellington, October 4, CWA Rooms, 60 Warne Street. Time: 9am-1pm 
  • Narromine, October 10, CWA Rooms, corner Nymagee Street and Third Avenue. Time: 1-5pm
  • Gilgandra, October 11, CWA Rooms, 3 Warren Street. Time: 9am-1pm
  • Cowra, October 24, St Peters Presbyterian Hall, 46 Macquarie Street. Time: 1pm-5pm
  • Parkes, October 25, Meeting rooms, 25 Dalton Street. Time: 9am-1pm

If you or someone you know is in crisis or needs support, please contact Lifeline www.lifeline.org.au or call 13 11 14.

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